Introduction to my therapies

Our desire to feel better

We all want to feel great.  Every single person on this planet simply wants to feel happy and warm and nice feelings.  It is a natural instinct in our evolution as mankind.  Many say that Love is the greatest feeling we seek.

As we seek these better feelings, so we make choices towards these feelings we want.  Remember the times when something didn't feel right, or it felt wrong? That is a classic example of your feelings helping you to stay safe.  Yes, the body also uses feelings to protect you from stuff.  How magic is that!

What are feelings?

Feelings are the fundamental way we make sense of the world. They tell us what we want and what we do not, what gives us pleasure and what gives us pain. They mobilise us to act adaptively on our own behalf, to pursue our goals in life  Like a GPS unit, feelings tell us where we are, where we want to go, and how to get there.

We spend most of our time in our own minds in our own thoughts. Our mind is our consciousness where we percieve the world around us. 

Our moods affects our minds and what we feel.   

Our memories affect our minds and what we feel.

Our imagination affects our minds and what we feel.



I am fully qualified with several therapy modalities, all designed with one purpose and that is to help you to feel better.