Singing Crystal Bowls

I am hoping to resume the weekly classes in the beautiful grounds at The Grove once this lockdown is finally lifted.  Please contact me to reserve your space.

I was swept away at the difference between my old Quartz bowls and these new Pure Crystal bowls.  As I invested further in to audio therapies, I realised I could create a much longer sustain of harmonics to help induce a 'Theta' brain state.  And as you know, 'Theta' is the programmable state our mind is in from our foundational period age 2 to 6.  It helps with new conditioning and erasing self limiting beliefs.

What do you offer?

I offer you a bespoke 90 minute Sound Bath to work on any inner mind or body work you wish.  I can develop a session or group of sessions to achieve whatever balance you need. I will start every session with a short 10 minute breathwork exercise to simply harmonise your various nervous systems.  

Are all Crystal Singing Bowls the same?

No matter how hard we tried, we are unable to fully present the true sound of our latest Crystal Bowls.  We cannot get any recording without it distorting the sound equipment due to the orgasmic vibration it bellows. 

We sourced these bowls from a bespoke Crystal factory in Italy.  The bowls are perfectly tuned to the Theta-inducing frequency of 432Hz.  It is this theta brain state (rather like your brain was between two to six years old).

Our crystal Bowls have actually been uniquely tuned to the 2nd octave F G A B and 3rd octave C D E F.  As we cannot record these, you can listen to the sample of our previous quartz bowls.

You can click more than one audio at a time and with good quality speakers, you should here the "wah wah" wobble as the notes harmonise.  This is also know as a Binaural Sound.

All recorded in 4th Octave.

Sound Files recorded in 3rd Octave

Please click the play buttons below.  

You can click more than one audio at a time and with good quality speakers, you should here the "wah wah" wobble as the notes harmonise.  This is also know as a Binaural Sound and helps to induce a 'Theta' brain state

All my bowls are tuned in the 3rd Octave.  There is nothing quite like hearing these bowls in person.

Here is C in 3rd Octave

Here is D in 3rd Octave

Here is E in 3rd Octave

Here is F in 3rd Octave

Here is G in 3rd Octave

Here is A in 3rd Octave

Here is B in 3rd Octave

Here is C in 4th Octave

My Bowls


The brain produces chemical responses naturally as is. These endogenous frequencies aren’t full of crap, they entrain the brain to stimulate production of endogenous hormones and chemicals on its own, where the frequency or two frequencies at slightly different hertz played together in each ear create a sound that mimics the ideal frequency within the brain to a stimulate production of chemical responses whereas it normally would require a physical component to spark the physiological, this essentially ( and other frequencies if played correctly at the intended hertz ) fires the necessary Neurons or allows for receptors in the brain to receive the stimulation necessary to provide results.

It’s neurologically proven to be effective because it’s legitimately happening! I hope this helps as to what the component or formula Is that makes the frequencies work.

The media that incorporate use of subliminal messages only have a mental effect on certain people to add to the subconscious element of having positive reinforcement but it’s not the subliminal itself that promotes lasting results.

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