I am hoping to start the regular weekly health classes after summer when we know exactly what is happening with Covid risks.

Rife Machine

The Rife machine I use delivers a full spectrum of light and harmonic frequencies to deliver restorative energy that helps align the body and mind.

There are no drugs, pills, or products to ingest. To benefit from this technology requires you to sit in front of the Rife Machine for 15 minutes a day and will leave you feeling recharged and renewed.

Does the Rife Machine cure disease, treat disease or replace traditional medical treatment?

I am not permitted to make any therapeutic claims about the Rife Machine.  I guess you found this page after conducting your own research.

However, I can tell you that our previous Rife Machine (GB4000) was used in a clinic of one our directors before it was moved here.  There are numerous reports from many people who said that that it improved their health in various ways, and sometimes in somewhat unexpected ways.

However I cannot claim to treat or cure specific health conditions with the machine, nor can I recommend it as a replacement for established medical treatments as that would be breaking the law.

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