Trauma and PTSD

The defenition of Trauma in the dictionary is: A deeply distressing or disturbing experience.

When most people talk about trauma, they usually refer to the extreme effects of trauma called PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).  If we break this down it basically means the stress you are left with after (post) a traumatic event.

And this traumatic event is relative to the moment you experience it.  Too often we minimize things that have happened to us in childhood because we are looking at them through 'adult eyes'.

In the therapy industry, Trauma is divided into three main types: Acute, Chronic, and Complex.

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Love Transformed

A short poem that highlights the innocent way trauma can affect who we really are

A boy was loved when his father hit him hard
so his own love transformed
his heart standing guard.
A girl was loved when her mother left
in spite, her own love transformed
her heart ready to fight.
A boy was loved when his mother abused him
his own love transformed
his heart always refusing.
A girl was loved when her father had gin
her own love transformed
she'd let nobody in.
Unable to recognize that their love was insane
they grew up to be parents to add to the chain
another generation of unbelievable pain.

Useful Information about Trauma

1. Gabor Mate Docufilm: The Wisdom of Trauma 2021