432Hz Crystal Bowls for Therapy

Singing Crystal Bowls

I am hoping to resume the weekly classes in the beautiful grounds at The Grove once this lockdown is finally lifted.  Please contact me to reserve your space.

I was swept away at the difference between my old Quartz bowls and these new Pure Crystal bowls.  As I invested further in to audio therapies, I realised I could create a much longer sustain of harmonics to help induce a 'Theta' brain state.  And as you know, 'Theta' is the programmable state our mind is in from our foundational period age 2 to 6.  It helps with new conditioning and erasing self limiting beliefs.

What do you offer?

I offer you a bespoke 90 minute Sound Bath to work on any inner mind or body work you wish.  I can develop a session or group of sessions to achieve whatever balance you need. I will start every session with a short 10 minute breathwork exercise to simply harmonise your various nervous systems.  

Are all Crystal Singing Bowls the same?

No matter how hard we tried, we are unable to fully present the true sound of our latest Crystal Bowls.  We cannot get any recording without it distorting the sound equipment due to the orgasmic vibration it bellows. 

We sourced these bowls from a bespoke Crystal factory in Italy.  The bowls are perfectly tuned to the Theta-inducing frequency of 432Hz.  It is this theta brain state (rather like your brain was between two to six years old).

Our crystal Bowls have actually been uniquely tuned to the 2nd octave F G A B and 3rd octave C D E F.  As we cannot record these, you can listen to the sample of our previous quartz bowls.

You can click more than one audio at a time and with good quality speakers, you should here the "wah wah" wobble as the notes harmonise.  This is also know as a Binaural Sound.

All recorded in 4th Octave.

Sound Files recorded in 3rd Octave

Please click the play buttons below.  

You can click more than one audio at a time and with good quality speakers, you should here the "wah wah" wobble as the notes harmonise.  This is also know as a Binaural Sound and helps to induce a 'Theta' brain state

All my bowls are tuned in the 3rd Octave.  There is nothing quite like hearing these bowls in person.

Here is C in 3rd Octave

Here is D in 3rd Octave

Here is E in 3rd Octave

Here is F in 3rd Octave

Here is G in 3rd Octave

Here is A in 3rd Octave

Here is B in 3rd Octave

Here is C in 4th Octave

My Bowls


The brain produces chemical responses naturally as is. These endogenous frequencies aren’t full of crap, they entrain the brain to stimulate production of endogenous hormones and chemicals on its own, where the frequency or two frequencies at slightly different hertz played together in each ear create a sound that mimics the ideal frequency within the brain to a stimulate production of chemical responses whereas it normally would require a physical component to spark the physiological, this essentially ( and other frequencies if played correctly at the intended hertz ) fires the necessary Neurons or allows for receptors in the brain to receive the stimulation necessary to provide results.

It’s neurologically proven to be effective because it’s legitimately happening! I hope this helps as to what the component or formula Is that makes the frequencies work.

The media that incorporate use of subliminal messages only have a mental effect on certain people to add to the subconscious element of having positive reinforcement but it’s not the subliminal itself that promotes lasting results.

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I am Andy and it is very hard to know exactly what has brought you here or what it is you are looking for?  It is probably very likely that you know that something is not quite 'right' in your life at the moment and you want to feel better than you do right now.  

It usually starts with an introductory chat where we can explore what you would like to change and I can explain how we would approach that together.  There is no one size fits all.  It is probably best that you call me for a quick confidential chat.  I totally get how hard it is to reach out for the first time.  If it helps, I do not believe that anyone is broken....just simply out of alignment and that is usually with themselves. 

I am a unique therapist in as much as I offer both conventional Counselling as well as alternative therapies.  Please browse around.  It is paramount that you wholeheartedly trust me to ensure you fully harness our time together.

Sometimes you will be at your lowest level. Maybe you no longer answer texts or stop watching your favourite TV shows etc.  Sometimes it is a crisis, trauma, loss or an emergency where you find yourself ending up at your lowest level. It is here that you realise you are suffering. Sometimes suffering for so long!  And you thought it is "just the way I feel".

Eventually you notice how you have been acting. or acted and you say my goodness, I have been suffering for 'x' many years!! ...I didn't know it was suffering or guilt, it is "just the way I felt".

Your feelings help guide your sails as you charter through life.  I simply want you to feel better, to have a happier life. 

Is therapy easy?

This really depends on you and how deep you may want to explore.  There is likely to be some trauma from childhood that is affecting you today.  It is also very possible that some trauma's are hidden deep inside you.

I can offer you a safe space to be vulnerable, to share your inner most darkest fears, your deepest secrets and to decipher any mental ghosts that haunt you.  I will cast no judgement as I know this is the real you behind any facade you present to close friends and family.  The uncomfortable response you may be feeling is an innocent natural defense mechanism you once created to keep you safe as you realised you were vulnerable in this world.  This defense mechanism is typically a 'felt sense' by way of an 'unease' or a disturbing feeling in your body somewhere, usually your stomach or heart areas.  

You may have tried to share your vulnerabilities with a close person in your past, only for it to be mocked, taken out of context or kicked right back at you! ...Consequently burying your vulnerability even further deeper inside you.

No matter how deep we go, I assure you that everything you say would be held in the strictest most secure way possible. 

What Therapy is Best?

This is a very important question, after all, you certainly "want the right man for the job".  

My style of Counselling is principally known as 'Person Centred' psychotherapy. My skill is to be your 'wingman'...To help you to fathom and find the answers you need from deep inside you.  This unique counselling style never assumes the counsellor knows what is best for you unlike say CBT or psychodynamic counselling.  They are far too pretentious.  Instead, I offer you a 'guide', an 'equal' for you to be who you truly are without judgement. I have very safe hands.

Please do your research.  And whoever you decide upon, please make sure they belong to a registered body as this gives you so much more personal protection and care.  If you are unsure about anything or need some personalised advice, then please give me a quick call or send me a message.  

Can you help me?

Yes, very probably.  There isn't anything much that we cannot talk about in the therapy room...from sexuality and trauma, to binge drinking, getting high, relationship foyables and doing daft things. Maybe you self harm or simply cannot go on any longer!   

...I will be able to help you, even if I recommend you to another organisation or support service that is better placed to help your immediate need.  For example, phobias is not really my bag.  So I would explain, for example, why hypnotherapy could be a better therapy option for you.

I specialise in offering counselling to those affected by suicide.  There is no tougher form of grief than this.  Check out my 'About me' section for further background to me.  Here I list some of the support groups I manage and organisations I work with on a regular basis.

It usually starts with a chat, so please call me now.  It's never too late to live happily ever after 

As a Therapist I Won't...

Try to fix you.

Give you advice.

Tell you what to do.

Pretend I know more about you than you.

Assume what is best for you.

Have all the answers.

Make the hard stuff go away.

As a Therapist I will...

Remind you that you're not broken.

Give you room to access your own wisdom.

Support you in figuring out what to do.

Recognise that you are the expert on your own life.

Remember that only you know what is best for you.

Honour that I dont know it all.

Collaborate with you on how to to make the hard stuff easier.

Where do you feel things?

Feelings are often associated with physical reactions. So terror can send chills down your spine and love can leave you weak in the knees.

A recent study has linked specific emotions to physical sensations. Researchers tested emotional responses in hundreds of subjects and then created maps identifying locations in the body where emotions cause physical changes.

Numerous studies have established that our emotion systems prepare us to meet challenges encountered in our environment by adjusting the activation of the cardiovascular, skeletomuscular, neuroendocrine, and autonomic nervous systems.

Thanks for this research by a) Department of Biomedical Engineering and Computational Science and b) Brain Research Unit, O. V. Lounasmaa Laboratory, School of Science, Aalto University, FI-00076, Espoo, Finland; c) Turku PET Centre, University of Turku, FI-20521, Turku, Finland; and d) Human Information Processing Laboratory, School of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Tampere, FI-33014, Tampere, Finland

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Bereaved by Suicide

Bereaved by Suicide

There is nothing worse or more tragic than losing a loved one who couldnt go on with life anymore.  And, being left behind to cope!

Having experienced such a tragic loss with my dad five years ago, I have a pretty good idea how you may be feeling right now.  

Since then, I have developed my expertise through advanced training and experience to specialise in supporting anyone who encounters the grief of being bereaved by suicide.

I am aware of the many support organisations who can offer you help, however, I am also very aware of their long wait times for support.  Plus, I am a qualified counsellor and unlike the general grief volunteers at these support organisations, you have the reassurance that you are dealing with a qualified proffessional with a true passion and desire to help you right now.

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About Me

About Me

I have been studying psychology and coaching for well over 30 years. Mental health is my passion.  I simply love the work I do.  

I had several years offering coaching and mental wellbeing workshops via Facebook around the areas of self limiting beliefs and helping people to understand who they truly are when nobody is watching. Then in 2016, I decided to qualify as a professional Counsellor when it became apparent that many people without any qualifications were offering themselves as therapists whilst messing with peoples heads!!  This morally turned my stomach as I realised I did not have the complete toolkit either!

I decided to specialise in Person Centred Therapy as every other type of therapy assumes the Counsellor knows best!.  That the Counsellor pretentiously knows what is best for you!!  How can they truly listen to what you say when they have their mind full of thinking about how to correct you?  And about how to correct you according to what they think is right or wrong.  How could a middle class counsellor therefore counsel a kid from a council estate??  Please also click here to read about my personal philosophy, where I let you in to my core principles of what I think life is about.

in 2017 I decided to consciously specialise in working with those bereaved by suicide.  My father had just ended his own life early and coupled with many years experience as a volunteer Samaritan, I felt I had developed the psychological toughness and awareness to help deal with what is widely recognised as the hardest form of grief there is.  I see bereavement by suicide as a huge trauma.  Different skills and delicacy are essential here.

As I researched trauma, this led me in to explore my own spirituality and my other passion in the world of alternative therapies.  I take my trade very seriously and my pure focus is to help you live a happier life.  I dearly want you to feel better about stuff.  Neuroscience is helping us to understand the connection between body and mind.  There is still so much that we as humans do not yet understand.  I embrace the way science and psychology are converging now with credible evidence underpinning the true way the 'self' works. I regularly read at least one book a month about modern day theories and techniques. 

There are at least two people in any therapeutic relationship.  That's both you and I.  I therefore have my own regular counselling sessions to make sure I give you my 100% attention by ensuring I don't have 'other stuff' or 'my stuff' on my mind whilst listening to you.  Yes, it is true....I practice what I preach by having my own counselling sessions.   I am committed to self improvement and to be the best I can be.

In my spare time, I help to make the world a better place by volunteering with various charities and organisations. It saddens me with the current crisis of mental health affecting the young and the old. Everyone it seems will struggle at some point in their life.

In my extra spare time, I help out coaching young goalkeepers (the hardest psychological position when you're a kid).  I can also be seen helping the local cub and scout groups.  I volunteer at various Music festivals... What can be better than helping the festival folk to have a great time whilst being outside in nature with great music and help raise money for charity at the same time. 

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