Loss - (Or losing something very dear to you)

Some of the most difficult situations that I have ever had to deal with in my life so far was my divorce, selling my dream house that I built, losing my business to bankruptcy and losing my pet dog to Cancer.

My reaction to my divorce was a terrible feeling of loss. I lost my wife (she divorced me), my role as a husband, my identity, and the mother of my children! I felt like it was a death more than a divorce. It was the worst pain that I have ever encountered in my life!

I had to grieve for all of the dreams that will never be met. I had numerous symptoms as a result. I experienced weight loss, disturbed and broken sleep, crying, lack of strength, physical exhaustion, feelings of emptiness and heaviness, stacks of anxiety, and lastly a distinct lack of energy.  Even numbing my internal pain with alcohol and drugs as I constantly felt sorry for my loss and sorry for myself.

These events all happened at different life stages of my life's journey.  Even as a trained counsellor, I know you can never really prepare for loss and I appreciate the way I turned to alcohol and drugs in an innocent way to make myself feel better and avoid the pain I deeply felt.

Are there different types of Loss?

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