Bereaved by Suicide

There is nothing worse or more tragic than losing a loved one who couldnt go on with life anymore.  And, being left behind to cope when your whole life changed and your existence shattered...How the hell do you pick up the pieces?

People end their lives through suicide for a myriad of reasons and the people left behind have the right to feel any, and everything they feel, without judgement.

Having experienced such a tragic loss with my dad five years ago, I have a pretty good idea how you may be feeling right now.  

Since then, I have developed my expertise through advanced training and experience to specialise in supporting anyone who encounters the grief of being bereaved by suicide.

I am aware of the many support organisations who can offer you help, however, I am also very aware of their long wait times for support.  Since I am a qualified counsellor  you have the reassurance that you are dealing with a qualified proffessional with first hand experience and a true passion and desire to help you right now.

Please get in touch for an introductory chat when you are ready.