My Philosophy

My philosophy here is to help you to understand where I come from, my core beliefs if you like.  It exposes my principles, ethics and mindset.  Please read and digest each comment, line by line.  This makes perfect sense to me, but it does not mean I am right or wrong, it is simply whom I am.  And I wonder how you may judge me?


When we first meet, in my mind, I see you as a seed.  I have no idea what flower or plant you are.  All I can do is to help nourish this seed so that you grow to be the best version of you that you can be.  I have no judgement as to whether any flower or plant is any better or any worse than another.  After all, a weed is simply a flower in the wrong place!

Like in nature, everything evolves. Everything evolves to be the best it can be and is capable to adapt and evolve to almost any environment it finds itself in. 

Like life itself, we have our own seasons; 

  • AUTUMNS (letting go) as we shed things that no longer serve us like old jobs, old friends, old habits etc; 
  • WINTERS (or grief) when things come to an end, moving school, changing job, divorce; 
  • SPRINGS (we create/progress) when we grow in new directions, new relationships, new jobs, self improvement; 
  • SUMMERS (happiness) the time when we bloom, flourish and prosper...  As we successfully fathom our darkest winters, when we think everything is all over, so we grow even deeper and wider roots to pull us towards the Spring out of this darkest winter.

Everything changes.  Fact.

You know the 'best' thing about life? ...Everything changes!  You know the 'worst' thing about life? ...Everything changes!!

You don't know what you don't know. 

Breathe from your diaphragm, never your chest.  Watch how a baby breathes from its belly.  Practise this.

Everyone has a journey through life that is unique to them.  Whether that journey is better or worse, good or bad, right or wrong is purely a judgement.  

The place where we spend most of the time is in our perception.  Sure, we are in the world right now, however it is our perception of the world, in that moment called 'now' that shapes our reality.  Put all 7 Billion people from our planet in the same room and there will be 7 Billion different realities, even though we are in the same room.  We say to ourselves "Why can't these people see what I can see?" is obvious!...isn't it!  

What may be a '6' from this perspective is a '9' from that perspective?

Human beings are relational.  We have relationships with our families, our friends, our workers etc, however, we often forget that the biggest relationship we have, is with ourselves.  

You can only think one thing (have one thought) at once.  You couldn't create a split screen and think of chalk and cheese at the same would flicker from chalk to cheese or thought to thought in milliseconds. 

99% of our problems are our thoughts?

Are thoughts real? Like in Quantum physics, your thought torchlight makes your reality the thoughts you observe.  If you don't think it, then it does not exist.  Careful where you aim your torch?

We tend to live in the past with depression (memories) or live in the future with anxiety (imagination).  Only the moment 'now' is real.  Anything other than what is going on in the room right now is made up in your mind.

Like a diet creates constant thoughts about food.  The more we say we do not want something in our life, then the more we seem to think about exactly the thing we do not want to think about!

We know how to hurt ourselves more than any other person or profession.

Our feelings come from our thinking in the moment called now.  Happy thoughts lead to happy feelings yet sad thoughts lead to uncomfortable feelings.  Feelings don't come from 'what is happening to us', our feelings come from our thinking about what is happening to us.

We are all going to die at some point.  How we spend the time between birth and death is an open book.  There is no 'perfect' way to do this.  We have the right to lead whatever life we choose.

You cannot consciously make a bad decision for yourself in the moment.  So when presented with a choice, you can only make the best decision in that millisecond that you choose.  Choosing to self harm when you decide to do it, for example, is the best decision in the moment as for some, it can help to bring them back out of their emotional thought storm and into the moment called 'now'.

Everyone has a PhD in 'Hindsight'.

What is the difference between the moment when you are absolutely fuming and furious with red traffic lights, and the moment when the same red lights don't bother you at all?? Same situation, but a totally different experience?  

Labels are a great way for others to compare! Be careful with labels.  Labels can sometimes start to define you.  Just because you stole from your mother once, doesn't make you a robber.