About Me

My name is Andy Watford and I have been studying psychology and coaching for well over 30 years. Mental health is my passion.  I simply love the work I do.  

Over 25 years executive coaching in business, mental wellbeing workshops and Therapy.

In 2016 I decided to qualify as a professional Counsellor when it became apparent that many people without any qualifications were offering themselves as therapists whilst messing with people's heads!!  This morally turned my stomach as I realised I did not have the complete toolkit either!

I chose to specialise in Person Centred Therapy as every other type of therapy assumes the Counsellor knows best! ...That the Counsellor pretentiously knows what is best for you!!  How can they truly listen to what you say when they have their mind full of thinking about how to correct you?  And about how to correct you according to what they think is right or wrong.  How could a middle class counsellor therefore counsel a kid from a council estate??  Please also click here to read about my personal philosophy, where I let you in to my core principles of what I think life is about.

in 2017 I wanted to consciously specialise in working with those bereaved by suicide.  My father had just ended his own life early and coupled with many years experience as a volunteer Samaritan, I felt I had developed the psychological toughness and awareness to help deal with what is widely recognised as the hardest form of grief there is.  I see bereavement by suicide as a huge trauma.  Different skills and delicacies are essential here.

As I researched trauma, this led me in to explore my own spirituality and my other passion in the world of alternative therapies.  I take my trade very seriously and my pure focus is to help you live a happier life.  I dearly want you to feel better about stuff. 

Neuroscience is helping us to understand the connection between body and mind.  There is still so much that we as humans do not yet understand.  I embrace the way science and psychology are converging now with credible evidence underpinning the true way the 'self' works. I regularly read at least one book a month about modern day theories and techniques. 

There are at least two people in any therapeutic relationship.  That is both you and I.  I therefore have my own regular counselling sessions to make sure I give you my 100% attention by ensuring I do not have 'other stuff' or 'my stuff' on my mind whilst listening to you.  Yes, it is true ...I practice what I preach by having my own counselling sessions too.   Yes, I am committed to self improvement and to be the best I can be.

In my spare time, I help to make the world a better place by volunteering with various charities and organisations. It saddens me with the current Covid crisis affecting the mental health of the young and the old. It is true to say that everyone it seems will struggle at some point in their life.

In my extra spare time, I help out coaching young goalkeepers (the hardest psychological position when you are a kid).  I can also be seen helping the local cub and scout groups.  I usually volunteer at various Music festivals throughout summer... What can be better than helping the festival folk to have a great time whilst being outside in nature with great music and help raise money for charity at the same time.